Public Access to Information

Under regulations that became effective in 1999, Seasons Hospice is subject to federal requirements to make the following forms "widely available" to all members of the general public:

1.          The three most recent annual information returns (Form 990), excluding the list of significant donors (Schedule B) that is attached to the Form 990, but including the accompanying Schedule A.  Interested persons may visit www.guidestar.org and search for Seasons Hospice in Rochester, MN – Federal Identification Number 41-1812914, to access forms.

2.          Seasons Hospice’s original application for recognition of its tax-exempt status (Form 1023 or Form 1024), filed with IRS, and all accompanying schedules and attachments.

It is the policy of Seasons Hospice to adhere to the following guidelines in order to comply with the preceding public disclosure requirements:

1.          Anyone appearing in person at the offices of Seasons Hospice during normal working hours making a request to inspect the forms will be granted access to a file copy of the forms. The Executive Director or designee shall be responsible for maintaining this copy of each form and for making it available to all requesters.

2.          Seasons Hospice shall comply with the federal requirements to make its forms widely available by posting all required forms on the Organization's website and referring all requesters to this website within 7 days of receipt of any request for copies.


The Seasons Hospice IRS letter of determination regarding non-profit status can be downloaded via the following link:

IRS Non-profit Status Document