Chapter Four: Music & Massage Therapy

Chapter four is a video overview of the care provided by Seasons Hospice of Rochester MN in southeastern Minnesota. Chapter four shows how the services of music therapy and massage therapy contribute to added levels of comfort.

JULIE ASSEF: A lot of times when people think about hospice, they think about nursing and how nursing can support them. And that's absolutely true. But really, nursing is just the beginning.

NARRATOR: The Seasons Hospice staff not only assists in caring for physical needs, but also offers the services to help ease emotional burdens, promote dignity, and lift the spirits.

JULIE ASSEF: We have people who can provide massage therapy, music therapy-- wonderful aspects of personal care that are there just to provide some extra comfort and support.

JANE KERSTEN: When my mom first heard about music therapy, she thought, oh, I don't really know what I'd want them to play. But she just absolutely loved the music therapist. They had such a great relationship.

There were many times where my mom would call me at night and said, oh, I had the best day. There were certain songs that she would play. She remembered from week to week what my mother liked. It was just such a wonderful time for her.

MUSIC THERAPIST: OK, here's an old country waltz. I'm thinking of you and Fern on the dance floor.

NARRATOR: A music therapist works with patients exploring how music might help them achieve goals, alleviate discomfort, and enjoy their days.


BEVERLY HAYNES: We did have one patient who had his favorite music was one of the songs that he danced with his wife for their wedding. He also loved big band. And he also loved Celine Dion. And she was able to make him a CD of all the music that was really meaningful for him for him to have to play for his journey of end of life, which was very meaningful for him.


JULIE ASSEF: Music therapy has been a wonderful addition to our program.

BEVERLY HAYNES: Massage therapy can allow for relaxation of the patient.

MASSAGE THERAPIST: I'm going to start with your neck and the small part of your chest, and then into your face.

BEVERLY HAYNES: It can help decrease stress. It can help with pain relief. Whether it's muscle ache or joint ache, or just pain from being immobile.