Chapter Six: Grief Support

Chapter six is a video overview of the care provided by Seasons Hospice of Rochester MN in Olmsted County. Chapter six continues our coverage of the whole family support provided by Seasons Hospice. The topic is Grief Support and Education Services.

NURSE: How are you today?

PATIENT: I'm doing great, if I could just--

NARRATOR: Of course, the Seasons Hospice House is available for more than respite care. The Hospice House is there for patients who opt for care outside of their homes. Patients and families may choose care at Seasons Hospice House because of the peace of mind afforded by round the clock nursing, as well as the support of the entire hospice team.

The Hospice House provides care in a setting that lifts the spirits with a sense of oneness with nature.

PATIENT: There's a grief counselor here who has spent time with my sons. And of course, with me. There's just so many ways that they've made this a family framework. I just know that it's not just about me. It's about helping my family go through this.

FAMILY MEMBER: There's a lot of emotions that you go through--

NARRATOR: The chaplain can help work through challenging end of life fears and concerns.

CHAPLAIN: I love this quote, "Hope is not about moving mountains." It's about picking up one stone at the time, moving it one step at a time.

NARRATOR: The chaplain can also help the family prepare for the bereavement process.

CHAPLAIN: And then you can begin to look at, how did you get through those hard times before?

GRIEF COUNSELOR: Our society wants us to get over our mourning within a few months.

NARRATOR: When a patient in hospice dies, care for the family continues with grief support services.

GRIEF COUNSELOR: --a love relationship.

NARRATOR: Both adult and family support groups help the bereaved understand the profound emotions brought by their loss, and help start them on the path to healing and renewal in their own lives.

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP MEMBER: --made a huge difference.

NARRATOR: The Seasons Hospice network of support services helps families adjust to their loss and continues with regular support groups and drop-in conference.

GRIEF COUNSELOR: Keep doing what works for you.

NARRATOR: Private sessions are also available to help individuals and families work through difficult emotions as they arise.

GRIEF COUNSELOR: We would be overwhelmed--

BEVERLY HAYNES: Allowing hospice to partner in care at end of life is having someone walk the journey with you.

RAY SCOTT: They team with you. They're just not there to take care of business and go away. But they're there to get to know and to help you. And they do care about you.

JANE KERSTEN: Those last few months-- it's just so much better having the Seasons Hospice there for the support and the care that they give.

TIM HANSEN: It's hard to believe, but the reality is in the last two and a half months while she was in hospice, this was a beautiful time for me and for her, and for our family. That's what hospice can help people accomplish.

NARRATOR: Seasons Hospice is about caring, support, and quality of life. Care that can allow the patient a sense of control and provide comfort. Support that helps the patient make the most of their remaining time and lightens the caregiver's load. Peace that comes from physical comfort. Emotional support and spiritual wholeness. Empathy that envelopes you, and the feeling that during your loved one's last life experience, you are not alone.

Seasons Hospice is about comfort and compassion when it is needed most. When days cannot be added to life, Seasons Hospice is about adding life to the remaining days.