Chapter One: Compassionate Care When It Is Needed Most

Chapter one is an overview of the care provided by Seasons Hospice of Rochester MN in southeastern Minnesota, and tells the story of how patients and families find immediate relief upon entering the Seasons Hospice care program.

Seasons Hospice concentrates on caring, not curing. Treating the whole person, not the disease. Caring for the whole patient means going beyond the physical requirements for comfort and tailoring an individual plan to best meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both patient and family.

Seasons Hospice: committed to adding quality of life to each day.

SPEAKER 2: It was amazing because, after all those months of operating in crisis mode, once we entered the hospice program and they were there to help us, we were no longer operating from crisis mode.

CHARYL MELTON: My son was very ill and I had chosen to be there for him. I promised him I would be there for him. It was exhausting taking care of Jeff. It all worked out just fine when we brought in Seasons. They were there for us when we needed them the most.

JULIE ASSEF: When people find out what hospice can do for them and how it's covered and how much of the care is available to them in their homes, it provides a great sense of relief. And you just see the relief coming in layers, even the first time we visit.


SPEAKER 1: Seasons Hospice cares for the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families with a team of professionals that includes nurses and physicians, volunteer and chaplain services, music and massage therapists, social workers and grief counselors.