Chapter Two: Caring At Home

Chapter two is a video overview of the care provided by Seasons Hospice of Rochester MN in southeastern Minnesota. This chapter provides personal accounts by family members of Seasons Hospice patients. While many prospective patients and families have an idea that care is only available at the Seasons Hospice House, Seasons Hospice care is available wherever the patient calls home.

JANE KERSTEN: We discussed the Hospice House. My mom's idea was that when you go to hospice, you come out to Seasons Hospice House. That was her thought. So she was ready to be packed up and ready to go. And then we learned more about the home health care, and decided that we would start out having, in addition to me helping mom on the weekends, would have a hospice nurse come out and help mom during the week. Just with medication management, with bathing, with any care she would need.

TIM HANSEN: One of the things about hospice care that people don't realize is that the majority of patients are treated in their homes. And it's maybe a little counter-intuitive, because it seems like people would be better off in a hospital where they have care available. But what a hospice program does, and what Seasons Hospice does, is they bring the care to the patient.

NARRATOR: Patients may choose to be cared for wherever they are most comfortable. Whether it is a private home, assisted living, nursing home, or other residence.

RAY SCOTT: My wife Kay has always been family-oriented. That was most important to her. And as we considered hospice care, we did not want to move her out of the home. That was her haven. And the family decided we were going to keep her home, and take care of her to the best of our ability. And as hospice visited with us, and talked about the options, that option was there and there is no decision on whether we were going to do it. We were going to do to it.

TIM HANSEN: My wife, she didn't want to be in the hospital. She wanted to be home. She wanted to be in her own space, where she could look out her own window and see her own garden. And feel comfortable. By entering hospice, that's what we were able to do. They made it possible for her to go home, for us to take her home, and for us to take care of her there.