Center for Grief Education and Support

The Center for Grief Education and Support at Seasons Hospice in Rochester, MN specializes in comprehensive loss, grief and transition services for the bereaved, those who care for the bereaved and others in the southeastern Minnesota region. For more information, please visit our Resources & Community Education section.

Bereavement Care

We provide educational and supportive services to patients and families during the patient’s illness. Services continue for families following the death of loved ones. Skilled practitioners help the grieving explore their experiences of loss and grief in a safe, confidential, understanding and hope-filled environment. For a listing of monthly events, please see the Seasons Hospice calendar. For more information, please contact the Center for Grief Education and Support at Seasons Hospice, 507-285-1930 or at shbp@seasonshospice.org.

For a complete listing of bereavement resource materials that are available to order online, visit our Grief Education and Support Booklist.

Who is eligible?

Bereavement care is available to Seasons Hospice patients and families both before and following the death of a loved one. Grief support also is available to any person who has experienced a loss due to death regardless of whether they have used the services of Seasons Hospice.

What is provided?

Seasons Hospice maintains a lending library with books as well as various publications and articles on subjects related to grief. Counselors lead support groups, are available for family and individual counseling, and can give referrals for services that fall outside their scope of practice.

What support groups are available at the Center for Grief Education and Support?

Coffee Get-Togethers

Ongoing, drop-in times to share with others; offered four times a month with morning and evening gatherings

Newly Bereaved

Ongoing groups for those who have experienced a death within the past three months; offered two times a month with afternoon and evening groups

Adult Grief

An eight week series, one evening per week which is offered three times a year for anyone in the process of adjusting and adapting to the loss of a loved one*

New Journey: Rebuilding Your Life

A four week series, one evening per week, for anyone beginning to look at what life holds now; offered once a year*

Pet Loss

A supportive, non-judgmental environment to share with others who have lost a pet through death. Ages 18 and older. Please note: A therapy dog/handler team may be present for some sessions.

Pregnancy/Infant Loss

A time of sharing for those who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, at the time of birth or within the first month after birth.

Managing Holidays Without Your Loved One

A two session evening program offered in the fall*

Managing Special Days Without Your Loved One

A two session evening program offered in the spring*

Note: Programs designated with an * require registration prior to the event. To register for a program, please contact us at 507-285-1930 or shbp@seasonshospice.org.

How are services paid for?

Services are offered at no charge and are funded through community support and voluntary donations.